A Healthy Diet Plan for Postmenopausal Women from hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Found to Increase Chances of Keeping Weight Off.



A healthy diet plan for postmenopausal women from hCGTtreatments / diet doc weight loss found to increase chances of keeping weight off.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans offers both services in conjunction to a safe and healthy prescription hCG diet plan to produce fast weight loss, and maintain weight lost in the future.

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Studies have shown recently that in obese or overweight women who are postmenopausal, weight is easier to gain, harder to lose, and even harder to maintain once lost. A study titled “Short- and Long-Term Eating Habit Modification Predicts Weight Change in Overweight, Postmenopausal Women: Results from the WOMAN Study” recently examined the eating habits of 481 overweight and obese menopausal and postmenopausal women. The study aimed to find out if focusing on healthy eating behaviors, i.e.Winning the weight battle after menopause; change to a healthy diet as opposed to one high in carbohydrates or fat may be a good alternative strategy for weight loss. The study was also concerned with the long term outcomes of counseling and weight loss strategies on weight maintenance.The outcome was that after 48 months, 57 percent of the postmenopausal women who received weight loss coaching and weight loss plan help maintained at least a 5 pound weight loss compared to 29 percent in the control group. The outcome then is clear, healthy lifestyle change, including a nutritious and well thought out diet plan coupled with support from weight loss coaches who encourage and reinvigorate clients can help menopausal and postmenopausal women lose weight and maintain weight loss in the future.

With this new information at hand, hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diet & Weight Loss Plans unveils a physician designed diet plan specifically aimed at enacting weight loss now, and keeping it off in the future. Diet Doc is the leader in prescription hCG weight loss diets, but they have also revolutionized the field of designing effective diets plans to enact weight loss and equally important weight maintenance. Each new client receives initial consultation from Diet Doc’s in-house physicians who evaluate various weight loss factors like age, gender, health history, lifestyle, and preferences. After a thorough initial evaluation is done, Diet Doc’s weight loss doctors will individually tailor a diet plan to each client designed to be most effective in conjunction with the previously established weight loss factors. Diet Doc’s diet plans are a kind of patchwork of many different proven diet plans, where Diet Doc’s physicians take parts from each that are proven to work and roll them into one exceptionally effective weight loss diet plan for Bad Breath.

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Julie Wright, CEO and Founder of Diet Doc, understands how important an extensive range of products and services is to weight loss and maintenance. Wright confirms that “Diet Doc offers one month of prescription medication, one month of weight loss shakes, one month of weight loss cooking/salad dressing oil that is clinically proven to help dieters start burning fat within 30 minutes of consuming, along with the Diet Doc workbook outlining the modern-day version of the Diet Doc hCG diet, a nutritious cookbook, plus unlimited nurse, doctor and weight loss consultant support 6 days per week, all priced lower than the leading non-doctor supervised weight loss plan.”

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In conjunction with a Diet Doc diet plan, clients will also receive a crucial element of weight loss and weight maintenance, access to weight loss counselors who are experts at losing weight and keeping it off. Diet Doc’s weight loss counselors keep clients motivated, answer frequent questions that clients will inevitably encounter, and ensure that every client is focused on losing weight and keeping it off ling term. Studies show that this is a critical aspect of maintaining weight loss for menopausal and postmenopausal women. When the subjects of this study were given long term weight loss counseling, 57 percent kept off their for Low carb diets weight loss, and those without, on 29 percent.

hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss understands that proper weight loss coaching can be the difference between a diet plan that works, and a diet plan that fails its user. With this in mind, Diet Doc’s staff is available 6 days per week for consultation, creating an important bond between client and coach to achieve fast weight loss, and long term weight management.

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