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This article provides atkins diet information on how and why it works with weight loss, a comparison with moderate carbohydrate alternatives, side effects of the atkins diet, and concerns with its appropriateness as a long term/lifestyle solution.

Atkins diet information on why it works with weight loss

  • it eliminates junk food from the diet
  • it eliminates a lot of processed food
  • people feel fuller when eating protein and fat so their appetite is curbed, resulting in fewer calories consumed
  • for the above reason, they’re more likely to stick to it in the medium term
  • there is a lot of water loss in the first two weeks of the atkins diet due to ketosis, so it seems like it is providing results. This positive feedback (results, even if mainly water), give people an emotional impetus to continue.
  • it provides guidance and clear instructions, and some people respond well to that
  • there is a lot of support in terms of dietary centers, products, support groups. In the way that weight watchers works partially because of the support it provides, that could be a factor in many peoples success with the atkins diet.

Atkins diet information on possible health risks

High fat and protein diets are associated with chronic disease.

Chronic diseases do not appear overnight. They are the result of long term degradation of body systems. The atkins diet takes a secondary metabolic mechanism (the use of protein and fats as fuel for the body) and makes it a primary metabolic mechanism. The problem is that this secondary mechanism is not very efficient – it produces a lot of metabolic acids (ketones) as a by product. The body then has to deal with this excess acidity, because it throws it out of balance. That creates extra work for the kidneys, it affects the ph of the blood, and it leads to loss of calcium. Plus it can affect tooth enamel errosion in the same way people with eating disorders are prone to dental errosion. Glucose/carbohydrate metabolism is much more efficient and does not stress the body’s systems like the protein/fat metabolic pathway.

Severely restricting alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables, which also have a lot of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that protect against cancer and other illnesses reduces a broad spectrum of nutrients in your diet. Whilst supplements can supply you with basic vitamins and minerals, nothing beats getting them from food in terms of absorption and utilisation by your body. Nutrients in food work in ways science only partially understands. For example, science knows carotene is an antioxidant, yet is has not identified the most effective carotenoids in a way that can replicate doing what eating low carb diet rich vegetables can.


Are there any good points to the atkins diet?

  • atkins diet information encourages you to stop consuming junk food and processed food. You are encouraged instead to eat more fresh vegetables and some (limited) ruit.
  • atkins diet information encourages you to supplement with essential fatty acids, or to consume essential fatty acids as part of your diet. Essential fatty acids are an important part of every cell in your body. For more on¬†essential fatty acids, click here.
  • atkins diet information discusses the glycemic index of foods, and relates the importance of knowing how sensitive you are to carbohydrates. This is important in terms of blood sugar levels and blood sugar conditions. This is a great way you’re encouraged to get to know your own body’s responses to food. Armed with that knowledge, you can tailor a diet to suit you.
  • the atkins diet recognises that too many carbohydrates aren’t good for you and will make you fat. The zone diet discusses this in detail. Atkins diet takes it too far though, and does not strive for balance within the body.

Atkins diet information relating to moderate carb diets

Moderate carbohydrate diets, like the zone diet, have been proven to be effective in losing weight, but without the potential health risks associated with the atkins diet.

The zone diet does not cause reactions in the body that are characteristic of illness – like atkins diet and many others. The reactions in the body I’m talking about are starvation-like reactions (like prolonged Atkins diet food). As an interesting comparison to the atkins diet information, the zone diet does not require you to take supplements. You can if you want, but all your micronutrients and macronutrients are provided for by the diet itself – provided you choose healthy food and best for home acne treatments.

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