Bad Breath Cause – And Cure


Understanding bad breath cause is the first step in treating the problems of halitosis. Bad breath creates difficulties in connecting with your loved ones, with workmates, meeting new people, and can erode the confidence of even the most secure people.


But some suprising facts have emerged as science has begun to uncover the causes of bad breath.

E-book That Helps You

Its written by a leading authority on bad breath cause and treatment. Dr Harold Katz has treated over 25,000 people for halitosis in his clinics.

Valued at $9.95 Dr Katz has made this ebook available to people for free so they can begin to take the steps that can free them of the unnecessary difficulties of having bad breath even with Low Carb Diets.

No more embarrasment with your partner. No more people offering you mints. No more people standing away from you. No more coffee aftertaste or morning breath!


Some of the points Dr Katz makes in his ebook about bad breath cause are:

Despite a long held misconcpetion, bad breath cause does not originate in the digestive tract. Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that live and thrive without oxygen). These bacteria are meant to be in our mouth, so you cannot catch bad breath off anyone, nor can you give it to anyone, even by kissing.

We all have these bacteria – they help break down proteins, amongst other things. Its just that in those people with bad breath, the bacteria are highly active Vitamin E. Generally there are factors creating conditions in which these bacteria will thrive beyond the normal balance.

These factors associated with bad breath cause include:

a dry mouth
excess mucous
high protein foods
acidic foods like coffee
high sulfur foods like garlic and onions

The good news is that Dr Katz has discovered how to manage bad breath without giving up the things you love, although you may need to exercise moderation.

Excess mucous is an interesting one. Mucous is rich in proteins, and proteins are rich in sulfur. So when these proteins are broken down by the bacteria, sulfur is produced, creating the odour and taste of bad breath. See main Bad breath – Symptoms and causes.

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