Barry Sears Zone Diet and the dangers & myths of Low Carb Diets


Barry Sears zone diet is not low carb – in my example of someone eating 3 blocks per meal (there are 3 meals) and 1 block each for 2 snacks, they would be consuming 99g of carbohydrate. The American Diabetes Association recommends 100g carbohydrate, so the zone diet is within acceptable guidelines.

Ketosis Diet

The state of ketosis induced by low carb diets (like the Atkins diet, not Barry Sears zone diet) is exactly the same ketosis that anorexics get, that people get when they fast or starve, and that diabetics get because they cannot absorb the glucose into the bloodstream benefits of taking vitamin a. It is not healthy, and does not burn fat preferentially.

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The body in ketosis will burn fat and protein. Your body can also store excess protein and fats as fat in the same way it will store excess carbohydrates as fat. And when you eat too much protein, your insulin levels also rise. The excess insulin will turn your excess protein into fat. And due to the excess acidity produced by ketosis, a lot of water is lost through the kidneys that will give you most of your “weight loss”. You get the same effect in all starvation diets. And if sustained for long enough the body will burn essential proteins (see Zone Diet – Low Carb Foods), which will lead to death. Barry Sears zone diet recommends a balanced intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat, hence eliminating these problems.

Side Effects Of Carb

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Other “side effects” of low carb, high protein diets are loss of muscle mass, and possible changes in the fat cells also helps vitamin e for burn, making them ten times more likely to hold onto fat than they were before you started the diet. That’s why so many people put more weight on after going off a starvation style diet than they had before they went on it. Its a vicious circle, but one which is avoided in Barry Sears zone diet.

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